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What is NLP? If you haven't heard of NLP, the chances are that you will soon! Not only is it the way our minds work, it's also become very popular in many, many mainstream UK areas in recent years, it's very strong in Teaching and Personal and Business Improvement.

The revolution called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has been taking the world of psychology by storm only starting about 25 years ago and has really grown at a fast pace. It is also known as the "Technology of Personal Achievement". Very highly effective at generating personal change, it works wonderfully well in an accelerated way with Hypnosis! (If you want to know more about NLP there's plenty to find on the Net, although once you start to look be warned it's a big field!).

Most of us go through life without thinking much about what goes on inside our minds (except maybe sometimes, often maybe, to wish it was 'different'). Heads and bodies are supplied without instruction manuals.

The founders of NLP took a practical view and said: 'It's your brain – if you don't look after it, don't expect anyone else to.' They also discovered a model of the way minds work that is straightforward and practical – the start of a user manual.

 NLP is only a model of how our brains work . It isn't 'right' or 'wrong' it's only as useful as it is useful. One of the basic tenets of NLP is 'if it isn't working, try something else' , I use that a lot when speaking to clients - If you are doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results, (and that happens all the time!) change what you are doing. From dealing with your partner or work colleague or business practice to going shopping, if you don't get what you want then change what you put in!! Watch your results, if that doesn't work then try something else again until you get it right. 

Minds are very complex, each of them is different and as a result we all have different ways of relating to the world.

Oh, I forgot... it works quickly! No years of therapy or treatment, 2 or 3 sessions is often all it takes to change. 

If you have questions you can contact me by email at:   or by phone on 01237 408442




“Go out and make people feel good for no good reason” Richard Bandler

Did you know that the foremost Hypnotherapist of the last century was Milton Erickson? That's right!

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" B Fuller