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Deep Sleep with Hypnosis

To overcome Insomnia is usually easily accomplished through hypnosis. Insomnia is the inability to sleep well. For most people it is experienced as a problem in falling asleep. Sometimes it can also be a matter of managing to stay asleep. Many people have this problem, due often in part to the particular tensions of modern life. Hypnosis helping you to relax as you settle to go to sleep can not only be very beneficial, it also has no side effects, unlike some prescription drugs!

Hypnosis itself is not sleep. However, if you allow yourself to listen in a relaxed way to this recording you will find that sleep comes naturally. The first method of helping to overcome insomnia is to induce the hypnotic state and your subconscious mind will release whatever has been causing the problem. Suggestions are made that enable you to go to sleep easily, and sleep peacefully and comfortably throughout the night. You can use this as you go to sleep or if you wake up during the night. This recording will ease tension and release tensions in the mind to help induce peaceful sleep naturally.

Question: Is it better to listen to the tape continuously all night?

Answer : No, just listen to it as you go to sleep, or when you wake up. Discover whatever works best for you. of

“I want to sleep better”

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