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The list of issues I can help you with includes, but is certainly not limited to the following, practically everything you can think of can be treated.. 


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Weight Control




Sports Performance

Self Esteem & Motivation

Pain Control



Loss and Separation

Lack of Self Confidence

Public Speaking

Children's Issues


 Smoking. If you want to stop smoking this method is for you, because it deals with the REAL causes of why YOU continue to smoke...Think about how much better you and people close to you would feel if you didn't have that habit. I am using a very highly successful method used with smokers throughout the world. 

Hypnotherapy combined with NLP for stopping smoking is a two-session procedure, during the sessions, the link between the smoking and the coffee/beer/stress/driving etc. is dissolved, the thinking behind smoking is changed and the confidence, will power, resolve and patience needed are all increased. The changes for most people are so natural that the vast majority find that after the sessions, nothing has changed at all except they don't feel the need to smoke!


If you would like even more, the sessions also include a Subliminal Suggestion Mind CD which, when played at home, will reinforce the hypnotic suggestions given at an unconscious level. There is also a third session free of charge, within 4 weeks if the need arises (the fact that this session is available, I feel, takes a lot of the pressure off and makes the whole procedure a lot easier). This backup, combined with the fact that nowadays in the UK, if you smoke 25 a day, you are spending around £2000.00 a year on tobacco, means that Hypnotherapy has a huge success rate.

A Reminder of 10 of Your Good Reasons to Stop Smoking Now!

bulletSmoking gives you problems in restaurants, airports, planes and people's homes.
bulletSmoking makes you less attractive to other people and maybe it's more difficult to start a new relationship.
bulletSmoking is expensive. At £2.45 a pack, smoking 25 a day equals £2000 a year. It also amounts to over 9,000 a year or 45,000 in 5 years. Imagine a cigarette that long, what if you knew that first cigarette could lead to 45,000 in 5 years or in 50 years 450,000?
bulletSmoking can increase your health insurance premiums, are you surprised?
bulletSmoking can cause poor dental hygiene including tooth loss.
bulletSmoking can cause emphysema, lung cancer and has been linked to almost all other cancers, glaucoma, heart disease and stroke.
bulletSmoking can accelerate osteoporosis (weakening of bone tissue).
bulletSmoking causes secondhand smoke which might harm those living with you.
bulletSmoking is the leading cause of most preventable deaths in the U.K.
bulletSmoking can kill you.

Important Question: So, why don't people stop smoking? >>  click here <<


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 Anxiety and panic attacks. Helping to stop obsessive thoughts that produce anxiety and replace them with coping statements.  Anxiety and in particular free floating anxiety are really awful for those who have them - from pounding palpitations giddiness to nausea and sweating. 

"Many people with anxiety problems never seek advice, fearing that their Doctors might be unsympathetic or, worse, that they may be referred to a psychiatric hospital and labelled mentally ill. They prefer to suffer in silence, ignorant of other alternatives and reluctant to seek professional help."

Please don't be amongst them, you will be treated with care and respect. You are not alone, many people have this issue in one form or another. Thankfully there are highly effective modern techniques that I use that are available to you that will help you to alleviate and remove the problem, and the feelings of helplessness. 

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 Weight control. Successfully reprogram your eating habits to good ones. I can also create hypnotherapy and NLP sessions especially for certain diets e.g. ATKINS or Weightwatchers. I can give you preferences for certain foods and dislikes for others! 

Hypnotherapy helps people to regain control of what they eat, how much they eat, how fast they eat and when they eat. It also puts people back in touch with their body, allowing a conscious awareness of when the stomach is full. It boosts the desire, the confidence and the resolve to change in a positive, healthy way.

One of the great plus points of using Hypnosis for weight control is the fact that the enjoyment of food is actually enhanced!. I also believe that the one thing people lack when it comes down to weight control is patience...we all want it NOW!!.......Hypnotherapy adds patience and allows the weight to start coming off in the healthiest manner, and for permanent results! I also teach you powerful techniques to keep the weight of when you reach your goal weight.

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 Stress. Reduce or eliminate stress. So many people suffer from stress, I can teach you far more positive ways to deal with and remove stress at work and at home. Relax when and where you want to relax, you may find that previously stressful situations may just melt away like an ice cube on a summer's day...

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 Insomnia. Insomnia may attack those who are extremely hyper or are stressed and over exerted. At the other extreme even those who do not have a very active lifestyle can be an insomniacs. With Hypnotherapy you can sleep better!

What if you snore? That's quite an interesting problem to have because it could be also be understood as not even your problem, since generally you are not that bothered by it, is it really a disease of the partner? Maybe it is the partner therefore that should be treated! For yourself, your brain is actually very capable of unconsciously monitoring your breathing and airways as you slumber, and of keeping the airways open. Hypnosis will teach your unconscious mind different breathing techniques to help keep the right amount of muscle tone in your mouth and throat, helping to allow you to breathe easily and quietly, These breathing techniques working at an unconscious level can be very powerful. With this I also give you a CD that you can use so that you make continuous progress.

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 Phobias. Release your fear of something. e.g. air travel, heights, spiders,public speaking. If you have a phobia you will know that the main distinguishing feature of a phobia is the recurrent, irrational fear of a specific object or situation. Exposure to the feared object or situation results in an immediate and intense level of anxiety, sometimes to the extent of having a panic attack. Even though people will recognise within themselves that this anxiety is excessive, an individual with a phobia will never the less go to great lengths to avoid exposure to the feared object or situation in order to prevent the emotional distress it causes. This anxiety and the related avoidance behaviour cause significant emotional distress, and may considerably interfere with daily functioning and interpersonal relationships. You might want to ask me about the 6 stage phobia cure or the incredible effectiveness of EFT with phobias. Most likely 2 to 3 sessions, is all it will take.

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 Sports Performance.  Sports professionals know that their mental set is vital to their performance. The difference between having a good day and an off day is very often due to emotional causes. Of course you could be sick, essentially though, the same highly skilled individual is there! The only thing that changes is the effect that emotions and beliefs have on your performance.

In sports, any negative emotion... even the mild ones and the unconscious ones.. can be critical to the performance.

Applied NLP, EFT and Hypnosis provides a highly effective solution to this problem. With the very latest visualisation and relaxation techniques, I  can teach you effective strategies to take care of any general negative emotions and the anxiety that may occur just before and during performance. It will help you to enhance your concentration and ability in golf and other sports which can actually improve all aspects of your game.

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 Self-esteem and motivation. Change and overcome negative behaviour in positive ways, increase confidence, program for specific goals. Plan for the future. Achieve those life goals.

Self-improvement areas in which I can help:

 Fear of Success

 Career Advancement

 Scholastic Improvement

 Anger Management

 Sports Performance

 Memory Enhancement

 Problem Solving


 Relationship Healing

 Positive Outlook


 Overcoming Obsessions

Pain Control. Help reduce the pain of chronic conditions like migraine and muscle ache. I can teach you a technique that will likely help to reduce actual pain experienced. 

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 Learning. Improve study habits, enhance memory

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 Creativity. Release potential, writers block? No more!

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 Loss and separation. Remove blocks to recovery, heal emotional wounds

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Lack of self confidence. You can learn to feel really good about yourself, it's not against the law, you can do it! Lack of it is at the root of many problems. So many people do suffer from this issue, Self Confidence and Self esteem is also closely related to your Self Worth,  Self Love and value. Successful building of your Self esteem is a major step towards your happiness and a better life. It changes everything. You may have heard the song "Love changes everything" Well, that's what Self esteem also does! It changes the way in which we perceive ourselves in very positive directions.

Having more Self esteem will naturally increase your confidence. With a confident nature you will not only respect yourself more, you also will find it increasingly easy to respect others and improve your relationships, your achievements and your happiness.... It's a big change... Think about how good it would feel to put an end to that negative nagging self talk. Low self esteem itself can cause depression, unhappiness, insecurity and poor confidence. Other peoples desires may always take preference over yours. It also may cause you to self sabotage whatever you try to do at every opportunity. Every life challenge may appear an impossible hurdle. I can help you to increase your self esteem and confidence. Learn new positive behaviour that will serve you better.

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Public Speaking.   Public speaking can be a source of stress for everyone. Many people who speak in public would sometimes like to avoid this problem entirely, but this is hard to do, it may affect our career, maybe it's just something we know we have to do but are terrified of doing. If working alone or with larger numbers of people, eventually we may need to speak in public, otherwise we become very limited. Indeed, the fact that you may hold the belief you can't speak well in public becomes known in NLP as a "limiting belief". Whether or not we want to lead, to achieve anything meaningful in our lives may mean we will often need to speak to groups, large and small, to be successful. Public speaking, however, does not need to be stressful, you can make that stage or rostrum your home. After only 2 or 3 sessions you will have the tools and inner knowledge to feel highly confident about speaking in public. Carry around with you your own special "Circle of Excellence"!

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Hypnotherapy for Children. Children often react very well to hypnosis. The process can help to resolve such problems as pain, anxiety, bed-wetting, weight issues, exam nerves, lack of motivation, bullying.

What role, if any, does the parent play during a hypnotherapy session?

As in any therapy, it is important for parents to know what is going on. In the actual session the parent is there or in the background. They really don’t play any part in the actual therapy. They are encouraged to observe and understand the therapeutic process that is being administered. They may need to assist with any "homework".

How Many times does a typical child visit a hypnotherapist?

Most children need to attend 3 to 6 sessions. Although some issues can be helped in 1 or 2 sessions.

Will my child be a good candidate for hypnotherapy?

Most children are good candidates. It just depends on whether the problems they are having can be helped by hypnosis. If not, I can also use other cognitive methods, increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

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Is there anything preventing you to make that desire for a better life a reality now? (Please don't think that your unique problem cannot be helped!). Remember, these are just some of the issues that I can help with. If your issue isn't there and you wonder if I can help - just email or phone. 

   or by phone on 01237 408442 




"What today will be like is up to me. I get to choose what kind of day I will have! Have a great day… unless you have other plans"  Ernest Murray

"Don't ever be afraid to try to make things better you might be surprised at the results.." Anon